Kenton Board of Education Approves Reopening Plan

Posted on July 20, 2020

Last night the Kenton Board of Education approved Kenton City Schools Plan to open in the coming month. 


The Board approved multiple pieces of new business which laid out how the school would be operating. The first was the Hardin County Schools Common Reopening Agreement and Two pathways to Education. 


The Hardin County Schools Common Reopening Agreement lays out the guidelines that the Kenton City schools will be following in August, this includes that all school employees and support staff must wear a mask or face shield. However, face coverings are only strongly recommended for students. In addition Superintendent Penczarski mentioned that a medically qualified person will be hired and placed at the middle school so that all three buildings have medical personnel on hand. 


For two pathways it was explained that families will have the option to either send their child to school or do home based instruction. For in school instruction the school will operate on a 4 level system based on the counties level of risk and the Hardin County Schools Reopening Agreement. Each level outlines what precautions will be taken, ranging from level one being 100% capacity with face to face learning and level 4 being remote learning for all students.


For home based instruction the child must be enrolled by August 1st and must stay online the entire semester. If your child has gone to face to face instruction but then the family decides to send the child online, that is also an option. But once in online learning the child must complete the semester there. In online instruction the child can work at their own pace and the class will be monitored by a teacher but it should be noted that not all classes at Kenton will be offered online and not all online classes will be offered at Kenton. Additionally if a student is online they can still participate in extracurricular activities. 


FINAL Hardin County Schools 2020-2021 Reopen Plan


Final Two Pathways to Education 2020-2021


Superintendent Penczarski also noted that no matter what pathway is chosen final forms must be completed. As of July 20th only 35% of people have completed their final forms. 


The next meeting of the Kenton Board of Education will be held on  Monday August 17th at 7 P.M.

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