Kenton City Council Approves Parking Limitations

Posted on August 24, 2020

Kenton City Council met and approved an ordinance prohibiting parking places in the city. These prohibitions include parking a motor vehicle on a sidewalk, on a crosswalk, or on the front lawn of a residence. Vehicles and watercraft must be parked on a hard surface.

If in violation, a police notice will be served to the owner of the vehicle. The vehicle must be moved within five days. If not moved, the offending vehicle will be impounded.

City Council also heard from Safety Service Director, Cindy Murray. She announced the completion of Phase One of the Downtown Revitalization Plan. South Detroit Street will remain closed for additional paving between Ohio Street and the corporation line.

Recreation Director, Taylor Klinger, shared her report, stating the Kenton Municipal Swimming Pool had a successful season, with 58 total pool parties. As closing procedures begin, Klinger plans to utilize city workers to clean the pool’s filtration tanks. The tanks have not been cleaned since the pool first opened.

Ending on an appreciative note, Fourth Ward Council Representative Ray Lawrence shared an e-mail he received from a community member. The e-mail praised the city workers for their professionalism. City workers assisted the citizen by removing a neighbor’s yard waste and fixing the pavement around a flooding storm drain during their lunch hour.

President of Council Joel Althauser says he is appreciative of the administration, the water department, and the street and sewer crew for their work on last week’s water pipe maintenance. “They tried some things that didn’t quite work, but didn’t fail badly either. They learned an awful lot. Things that our folks have not tried before, solely for the purpose of trying to do this so it inconvenienced the residents less.”

The next Kenton City Council meeting is scheduled for September 14 at 7 p.m.

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