Kenton City Council Discusses Trash, Phase One, Pool, Quarry and More

Posted on May 26, 2020

In last night’s meeting an ordinance was passed that allowed for additional appropriations to the tune of $66,760 which included funds for Quarry Maintenance of Equipment, Waterworks Unemployment Compensation and Sewer Repair to Plant.


An ordinance had also been passed that allowed the Deputy Court Clerks pay range to be increased. This came to pass because some employees had reached the top of their pay range and were due for an increase in pay. 


Next, there was an ordinance and two resolutions  involving the new trash collection contracts. Of the three one involved modifying the cities codified ordinances so that they matched the language of the new contracts. The second allowed for the mayor and or safety service director to enter into a solid waste and recycling interlocal agreement with the North Central Ohio Solid Waste Management district. And the third allowed for the establishment of an enterprise fund for the revenue from trash collection so that those funds can only be used for the purpose of trash collection. 


All three were read for the first time and the council was highly encouraged to reread them and look for what needs to be corrected so that in the coming weeks a working meeting can be held to discuss the problems and that way those problems can be addressed and fixed as an amendment in the next regular meeting. 


The changes to the codified ordinances and the trash collection contract can be found here  Codified Ordinances and Trash Contract 


To suggest changes or to raise concerns contact your ward representative. Their contact information can be found at 


The expected time of the completion of phase one work on South Main Street is 4 weeks. 


Parks and Recreation Director Taylor Klinger mentioned during the meeting that weather pending the Quarry open date is June 12th and the tentative open date for the pool is also June 12th. 


Klinger said that at the Quarry the waterline has been fixed and the water and electric lines are up to code and of the 16 lots 12 have been reserved. 


As for the pool Klinger said there will be no pool pass because with the capacity being lowered to 256 if a person with a pass came and they were at capacity they would have to be turned away regardless of the pass. But to help larger families with the costs multiple ideas are in the works such as buy one get one free days and punch cards.


The Mayor then called attention to a new member of the staff named Alex Haushalter. She is a soon to be senior at Miami University who is helping the city look into special hauling permits for oversized and overweight trucks. These permits would generate revenue for road work funding. 


The mayor also mentioned that the water department is open and is having senior (60+) hours from 8:30 – 9:30 A.M. 


Police Chief Musser mentioned to the council that some time ago he had submitted an ordinance over nuisance laws that had yet to be hashed out. A meeting for this topic has been set for June 8th at 6 P.M.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be held on Monday June 8th at 7 P.M.

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