Kenton City Council Enters Into Agreement with CSX

Written by on December 9, 2019

Kenton City Council met Monday Night.

During the meeting, council discussed Old Business including Ordinances including Vacating an alley on a privately-owned lot to the city, and to make appropriation to current expenses and budget for 2020.

Among New business, council was notified of secured funds by Kenton City Schools for a new Resource Officer, therefore it was approved that the number of officers on the police force be increased from 17 to 18 to accommodate the new position. Council also discussed appropriations for the remaining budget of 2019.  Following that ordinance, a resolution for a Kenton City-wide Street Resurfacing improvements project was approved. Also discussed, A property located at 836 W. Franklin Street was rezoned from M-1 to B-3 District. Other Items of business included authorizing the city to enter into a drinkable water and storm water drain agreement with CSX transportation due to the pipes running under the railways.

When opened up for Additional Comments, Majority of attendants and Council members took time to thank and congratulate Public Safety Service Director James Hites and Current Mayor Randy Manns on their many years of service to the city of Kenton, with the end of the year also being the end of their terms in their respective positions.

Law Director John Schwemmer would like to remind everyone with construction starting soon that various lines of communication will remain open to keep the public informed on changes, construction and progress.

The swearing in of new council members and the next regular meeting of the Kenton city council will be held on December 23rd at 7 pm.

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