Kenton City Council Met Monday Evening

Written by on August 13, 2019

Last night the Kenton City Council held a meeting at 7pm.

The meeting began with new business in which ordinance 19-017, “(an ordinance that allows additional appropriations for the year of 2019 for the city of Kenton and declaring an emergency)”was amended to allow an additional $60,000 to the original $20,000 for sewer repair to the plant. The amendment was added to the ordinance, the three reading rule was suspended and the ordnance was passed by a unanimous vote.

Among other new business, ordinance 19-018 which allows Kenton to enter a bridge inspection program service project with the Ohio Department of Transportation and declaring an Emergamcy was passed after a suspension of the three reading rule.

The meeting then moved to closed session for an audit exit interview. The council made it clear that this was a closed session because employees may come up during the exit interview but the audit will be made public at a later date.

The council then gave time to Pastor Ugar. Who spoke about youth engagement. He explained that in 2017 about 25% of Kenton was made up of children and that he believes the city can be doing more to help reach out to children, bring the community together and prepare the children for adulthood.

The meeting continued with department updates where Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser presented a plaque to retiring officer Tony Taylor who spent 15 years as a patrolman and dedicated much of his life to public service. The council and Chief Musser thanked him for his service to his community.

Finally the council opened the floor to public comments. Russ Cahill took the podium and explained that a month earlier he has voiced concerns that the public park was in poor condition. He explained that after a month the condition of the park was still poor. Some examples were that broken glass was laying around and that areas were being overgrown with weeds. Mayor Manns then replied and questioned Mr. Cahill’s motives and proceeded to say that it is easy for people to complain and asked Mr.Cahill to comment one thing that the city has done well. Cahill responded that he was happy that the city has paved some roads. Mayor Manns then continued and asked Cahill what he has done for the community recently. Cahill declined to answer because he stated that it was not the point of the discussion. The interchange continued when Cahill was asked if he lived within the city limits of Kenton. When Mr.Cahill replied that he did not Mayor Manns replied “I would be more interested in hearing from a citizen of Kenton.” Mayor Manns and James Hites then explained that Mr.Cahill was welcome to come to their office and have a discussion and a meeting was set.

The next meeting for the Kenton City Council will be held on August 26th at 7pm.

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