Kenton City Council Moving Forward on Trash, Pool and More

Written by on June 8, 2020

In last night’s meeting the ordinance regarding the Kenton codified ordinances relating to solid waste collection and disposal and recycling was amended to to fix a typo. And the resolution allowing the Mayor and or safety service director to enter into an agreement with the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District was amended to have the word “Management” stricken from throughout the resolution because the name of the Solid Waste district does not have the word “management” in the name. 


The resolution establishing an enterprise fund for the collection of revenue from trash collection remains unchanged. 


All three were moved on to a third read. 


To read the modified ordinance and resolution you can find them here Modified Ordinance and Resolution  


Sam Biler of the internet provider Speedwavz addressed the council proposing that if he were to be allowed to put antennas on the Kenton Water tower he would service Kenton’s cameras at the parks. This was discussed at length but according to Law director John Schwemer this must be advertised by the city and the city has to take bids on these services. An ordinance regarding the city advertising this is expected in the coming meetings. 


Parks and Recreation Director Taylor Klinger Mentioned that the pool will be opening on Saturday from 1-7PM. The concession stand will not be opened but as time goes on basics may be sold. There are no pool passes but for children 4 years and under will be allowed in free and people 5 years old and up will be $4. 


The camp ground will be opening Friday. 


An ordinance had the three reading rules suspended and it was passed, the ordinance refunded $17,142 to Graphic Packaging because they had overpaid for their services. 


Finally, city intern Alex Haulshalter was asked to present what she had been working on recently. In her presentation she mentioned she had been working on an ordinance that would require all properties used for rental purposes to get a Rental Unit Occupancy Permit. For details on the potential ordinance you can find it here Rental Unit Occupancy Permit Info Link  


There will be a finance meeting on June 22nd at 6:30 P.M, a Cemetery meeting on the 29th at 7P.M and safety will be holding a round table discussion on nuisance issues on the 15th at 4PM. 


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be held on Monday June 22nd at 7 P.M.

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