Kenton City Schools Selects Architect for Secondary School Project

Posted on April 18, 2022

Continuing on the proven success of the Elementary project, Kenton City Schools and the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission announced today they have selected the firm of Garmann Miller as the architect for the new middle/high school building project.

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, three firms presented their qualifications to the OFCC team and representatives from Kenton City Schools.

The firms presenting were: Fanning Howey, Garmann Miller, and Legat Architects.

Garmann Miller, an Ohio based architectural firm, was selected based on their ability and their dedication to creating a student-centered, educationally innovative learning environment that KCS students, staff, and community can be proud of.

Garmann Miller’s history with the district is another reason for the selection.

Superintendent Chad Thrush was enthusiastic about the selection. “Garmann Miller proved themselves in our last project from pre-bond work all the way through the completion of the Elementary project. They worked hard and did a great job for us through the pre-bond work of this project, as well. Their experience, reputation and previous performance for our district has us excited about this new opportunity to build for the future together.”

The project will include the design and construction of a new 6-12 building that includes a performing arts center, as well as the renovation of part of the current high school building.

The next step in the construction process is selecting a Construction Manager at Risk, which is scheduled to begin this month.

Superintendent Thrush added that the design phase will continue through the 2022/2023 school, and the construction phase will then start, which will take around 2 years.

He said that means students could enter the building to begin the 2025/2026 school year.

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