Kenton Graduation Video to be Shown on Hi-Road Drive-in Screen

Posted on May 19, 2020

The Kenton City Schools has rented one of the few remaining Drive-In Theaters in the nation for a celebration of the 2020 Senior’s graduation.  


Every Senior was provided 3 tickets providing free entry into the Hi-Road Drive-in theater for the debut of the 2020 Graduation Video beginning at 9 p.m on Tuesday May 26.  


Parking spaces in the front of the theater will be reserved for seniors.  


This video will be simultaneously broadcast on the district Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and Spectrum local cable access channel 1021.  


Teachers will be welcoming the Seniors as they drive-in to receive a program.  


we are also told that there will be an outtakes section at the end.  


Digital access to the video will be emailed to each parent and student, and DVD copies will also be provided to any family who makes the request.

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