Kenton-Hardin Health Department Holds Spirited Monthly Meeting

Posted on June 24, 2020

The Kenton-Hardin Health Department held their monthly meeting last night at the Hardin County Sheriff’s EOC room.

In attendance at the meeting were State Representative Jon Cross and Kenton Mayor Lynn Webb. Both Webb and Cross had raised concerns over the actions of the Health Board concerning its response to COVID-19, considering the local outbreak at KNRC and treatment of local businesses.

Webb shared her concerns with the Board regarding the lack of communication toward the Cities Administration around the outbreak at KNRC, citing the City needs information to plan a response to COVID-19. Cross shared those concerns, however, stressed the confusion his constituents have concerning the oversight over the Board.

Cross shared that if Legislators and Lawyers don’t understand how to remove Board members, how would the average constituent understand?

It is from this line of questioning which led to a heated exchange during the meeting.

Daryl Flowers Goshen Township Trustee, rose to be addressed, however, Cross continued with his statement. Flowers then went on to say, “Jon shut up. You may be able to bully everybody else, but you won’t be able to bully me buddy. Shut up.” Cross fired back by asking the Health Board President, Robert Wood, to gain control of the meeting, to which Wood asked Flowers to sit down so Cross could finish his statements.

The Kenton-Hardin Health Department holds its monthly meetings on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

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