Kenton Residents Reminded That Recycling is Every Other Week

Posted on August 5, 2020

During last week’s Kenton city council meeting, Mayor Lynn Webb announced that she is pleased with the first month of the new trash collection service for the city.  


“There are just a few points that need to be addressed”, according to Webb.  During the month of July, Republic was picking up recycling on a weekly basis.  Starting the week of August 3rd (blue week), recycling will be collected every other week.  Each ward has been divided into an A (yellow) or B (blue) collection week.  If there is doubt about which week is the correct week, residents are advised to place their bin out for pick-up.  “If recycling is picked up, then they know they have the correct week.”  


Calendar and A & B Week Map


Residents are asked to follow the label on the top of the recycling containers as to what is recyclable.  In addition, residents are advised to break down all cardboard containers as well as smash all plastic and aluminum.  This will allow more recycling to fit into the 65 gallon recycling container.   


Residents are reminded that they have until 6pm the day after their scheduled pick-up day to remove their carts from the curb or street.  


“We have been pretty lenient up to this point, but we cannot continue allowing the containers to remain at the street for days at a time” according to Webb.     


The City has also been receiving a lot of questions as to when the senior totes will be delivered.  


“Unfortunately, Republic only purchased 200 of the senior trash containers and we have over 400 senior residents currently signed up”, Webb said.  


“The administration has chosen to deliver the first 200 bins to the residents of the 1st and 3rd Wards.  Although the 2nd and 4th Wards will not have the smaller bins to start with, they will only be charged the senior rate for service starting in the month of August.” 


Finally, if Republic misses a pick up, residents are asked to call Republic dispatch in Bellefontaine at 937-292-0651 as soon as possible.  


Also, residents are reminded that we have a Monday holiday coming up on September 7th. Holidays may cause your collections to be postponed by one business day during that week.  

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