The meeting of the Kenton City Schools Board of Education was held last night.


The school board decided to expand the program Leader in Me after seeing it was a huge success in the elementary. The program will now be extended to the middle school in the months to come.


The school board also approved a budget for a Kenton city Resource officer.


The biggest item on the agenda was the new drug testing policy.


Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski reminded the board that only students in grades 9-12 who participate in extracurriculars and have a parking pass will be tested.


Board member Mark Watkins commented that he believed the policy committee did a fantastic job but raised concerns on the effectiveness of drug testing and asked if other schools had been contacted about their drug testing programs.


Penczarski said that along with this policy other preventive measures must be put in place to help all students but with this other schools had reported positive results and were happy with their policies.


Board member Doug Carmean reminded the other members that even if one child a year is helped then the drug testing is worth it and that it's more than testing, its an educational piece and a deterrent.


To end the meeting the drug testing policy was passed unanimously.


For more information of the new drug testing policy you can find it at the bottom of the kenton city schools website.