Kenton Youth Wrestling Team Competes at St. Marys

Written by on December 16, 2019

The Kenton Youth Wrestling Team traveled to St. Marys on Sunday, Dec. 15th to compete in an eight team MVKWA mini-meet.

Kids are paired up into 4-man round robin groups by age and weight. Kenton sent forty-two wrestlers who competed against kids from Wapakoneta, Elida, Dephos Tri-County, Lima Central Catholic, Ottawa Glandorf, Cory Rawson and the host St. Marys.

Twelve wildcat wrestlers came home undefeated and placed 1st in their group. Leading the team was Isaiah Mundy (10 yr old – 82 lbs), Jax Hommel (5 yr old – 47 lbs) and Gavin Sealscott (9 yr old – 68 lbs) who all recorded three pins in their wins.

Other first placers were Julian Gossman, Fischer Ewing, Christian Hernandez, Remington Ewing, Ayden Albert, Lane Root, Leland Ellis, DeShawn Flory and Alanah Jackson.
Ten wrestlers placed 2nd include Brantlee Fillinger, Isaac Blevins, Evan Elliott, Kason Hill, Dailyn Ritchie, Audrey Mundy, Channler Drumm, Kole Anspach, Colton Root, Jaedon Ritchie and Hunter Ewing. The top stats for the meet were Leland Ellis (10 take-downs), Julian Gossman (7 near falls), Colton Root (3 reversals), Jaedon Ritchie (8 escapes) and Hunter Ewing with (2 tech-falls).

As a team, the wrestlers posted a 61-38 overall record for the meet with 35 pins, 3 tech-falls, 52 near-falls, 141 take-downs, 28 reversals and 60 escapes. Kenton had twelve first place finishers, eleven second place finishers, ten third place finishers and nine finishing in fourth place.

Kenton travels to Bluffton this coming Sunday, Dec. 21st.

Isaiah Mundy 1st (3-0) NF-2 TD-7 R-0 E-1 P-3 TF-0
Jax Hommel 1st (3-0) NF-2 TD-3 R-2 E-0 P-3 TF-0
Gavin Sealscott 1st (3-0) NF-0 TD-1 R-0 E-0 P-3 TF-0
Julian Gossman 1st (3-0) NF-7 TD-8 R-0 E-1 P-2 TF-0
Fischer Ewing 1st (3-0) NF-1 TD-6 R-2 E-1 P-2 TF-0
Christian Hernandez 1st (3-0) NF-0 TD-7 R-2 E-2 P-2 TF-0
Remington Ewing 1st (3-0) NF-0 TD-4 R-1 E-1 P-2 TF-0
Ayden Albert 1st (3-0) NF-1 TD-7 R-2 E-3 P-1 TF-0
Lane Root 1st (3-0) NF-2 TD-9 R-2 E-4 P-1 TF-0
Leland Ellis 1st (3-0) NF-3 TD-10 R-1 E-4 P-0 TF-0
Deshawn Flory 1st (3-0) NF-1 TD-6 R-2 E-0 P-0 TF-0
Alannah Jackson 1st (2-0) NF-0 TD-3 R-0 E-0 P-2 TF-0
Brantlee Fillinger 2nd (2-1) NF-2 TD-4 R-0 E-0 P-2 TF-0
Isaac Blevins 2nd (2-1) NF-1 TD-4 R-0 E-1 P-2 TF-0
Evan Elliott 2nd (2-1) NF-4 TD-4 R-0 E-0 P-1 TF-1
Kason Hill 2nd (2-1) NF-5 TD-5 R-2 E-1 P-1 TF-0
Dailyn Ritchie 2nd (2-1) NF-3 TD-4 R-1 E-1 P-1 TF-0
Audrey Mundy 2nd (2-1) NF-1 TD-2 R-1 E-0 P-1 TF-0
Channler Drumm 2nd (2-1) NF-5 TD-8 R-2 E-0 P-0 TF-0
Kole Anspach 2nd (2-1) NF-3 TD-7 R-1 E-3 P-0 TF-0
Colton Root 2nd (2-1) NF-2 TD-7 R-3 E-1 P-0 TF-0
Jaedon Ritchie 2nd (2-1) NF-0 TD-4 R-1 E-8 P-0 TF-0
Hunter Ewing 2nd (1-0) NF-3 TD-5 R-0 E-1 P-2 TF-2
Xander Gammon 3rd (3-0) NF-2 TD-5 R-1 E-2 P-2 TF-0
Alexander Farley 3rd (1-2) NF-3 TD-5 R-0 E-1 P-1 TF-0
Allie Ritchie 3rd (1-2) NF-0 TD-2 R-1 E-0 P-1 TF-0
Aiden Ritchie 3rd (1-2) NF-6 TD-0 R-2 E-0 P-0 TF-0
Carter Gammon 3rd (1-2) NF-5 TD-2 R-0 E-1 P-0 TF-0
Brycen Pierce 3rd (1-2) NF-2 TD-1 R-1 E-0 P-0 TF-0
Mason Reffner 3rd (1-2) NF-0 TD-5 R-0 E-2 P-0 TF-0
Makavin Woodruff 3rd (1-2) NF-0 TD-3 R-1 E-2 P-0 TF-0
Wyatt Ellis 3rd (1-2) NF-0 TD-1 R-0 E-2 P-0 TF-0
Charles Mullins 3rd (1-2) NF-0 TD-0 R-0 E-3 P-0 TF-0
William Hartson 4th (0-3) NF-2 TD-0 R-0 E-1 P-0 TF-0
Rylan Wireman 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-3 R-2 E-3 P-0 TF-0
Noah Reed 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-3 R-2 E-2 P-0 TF-0
Bowen Burnworth 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-1 R-0 E-5 P-0 TF-0
Ariana Mundy 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-0 R-1 E-0 P-0 TF-0
Dylan Hamlin 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-0 R-0 E-2 P-0 TF-0
Davi Lafferty 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-0 R-0 E-2 P-0 TF-0
Jeremy Elwood 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-0 R-0 E-1 P-0 TF-0
Aubriauna Gulasa 4th (0-3) NF-0 TD-0 R-0 E-0 P-0 TF-0

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