Kenton’s Pay as You Throw Program Could be Changing

Written by on February 5, 2019

A big change could be coming for the Pay as You Throw program in Kenton.


Residents in Kenton have been mailed a survey asking if they would be in favor of replacing the Kenton trash bags with a 96 gallon wheeled container for trash and 64 gallon container for recyclables. Trash would be picked up weekly, and recyclables every other week. Residents would also be able to set out a bulky item, such as a couch or appliance, that would be picked up at no additional cost.


Current Kenton trash bags come in two sizes, which residents purchase for trash. There is also a charge of $11.28 for recycling.


Under the proposed change, a flat fee would be charged for both services.


Jack DeWitt, the Executive Director of the North Central Ohio Solid Waste District, which operates Pay as You Throw in Kenton, said a fee has not been set yet for Kenton, but he said he doesn’t expect it would be any more than what is charged in Ada, which uses the containers. The charge there is $17 a month. Residents who use a large number of bags have the potential to save money.


Residents are being asked to complete the survey and return it as soon as possible.


DeWitt said he hopes to have them back in 2 weeks. As an added incentive for completing them, someone will be chosen to win $100 in Chamber Gold Gift Certificates.

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