Latta Announces Grant Funding to Protect Great Lakes

Posted on October 8, 2020

BOWLING GREEN, OH – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Center for Coastal Ocean will award funding to Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo to conduct research projects related to harmful algal blooms (HABs) in freshwater systems, including the Great Lakes. HABs release toxins that can negatively impact the health of our freshwater ecosystems.

“Since elected to serve in Congress, I take great pride in supporting efforts that work to protect the Great Lakes,” said Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5). “Harmful algal blooms pose a significant threat to the health and safety of our environment, our communities, and our drinking water. I am encouraged that Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo will be able to use funding from the NOAA to better understand, prevent, and respond to this environmental phenomenon.”


Congressman Latta supports funding programs such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Sea Grant protecting the Great Lakes and addressing harmful algal blooms and invasive species. In 2015, the Drinking Water Protection Act, which Latta authored, was signed into law to better help states like Ohio prevent toxins from algal blooms contaminating public drinking water.

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