Latta Votes Against Impeachment

Written by on December 19, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) provided the following statement on the House floor, before House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump.

The following is the transcript of remarks:

“Madam Speaker, this is a sad day for our country – one that our forefathers warned us against.

“We have watched this illegitimate impeachment process unfold while making a mockery of our Constitutional duties. House Democrats have conducted the most polarizing impeachment process in our nation’s history, and the men and women I represent are tired of this Democratic Congress putting political games above our nation’s interests.

“House Democrats held secret meetings, withheld important documents, deliberately misrepresented information to the public, and did not give due process to the President. This investigation was unfair, and the American people expect more out of Congress.

“The articles of impeachment are not based on facts, but instead, are entirely politically motivated. The truth is – there was no pressure put on President Zelensky and the transcripts confirm there was no conditionality. This inquiry has been rigged from the start – lacking fairness, transparency, and truth. It has been a waste of taxpayer dollars and is based off the opinion of an unnamed whistleblower and hearsay. The accusations in today’s proceeding do not align with the facts.

“This impeachment process is out of step with existing precedent for presidential impeachment proceedings, and it is not a process I will support. I urge my colleagues to put country first, and vote in opposition to the articles of impeachment.

“Thank you, Madam Speaker, I yield back.”

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