Marysville Police Department Announces Surveillance Camera Registration Program

Written by on July 27, 2021

The Marysville Division of Police announced a partnership opportunity with Marysville residents. 

With the emergence of affordable surveillance cameras and doorbells such as Ring or Nest, the Marysville Division of Police is asking residents to consider being part of the surveillance camera registration program.  

An outline of the program can be found on the Marysville Division of Police Facebook page. 

Your participation is strictly voluntary and at no time will the Division of Police have control over your cameras. 

The expectation of this program is when an incident takes place, the Division of Police would be able to look at the cameras registration list to see what cameras are in that area of the incident. 

The individual or business then would receive an email asking them to review their footage. 

Should there be any footage found that can be used as evidence, an officer would come out to collect the footage.

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