Marysville Police Warn About Rental Property Scam

Written by on August 19, 2020

The Marysville Police Department has recently received multiple reports of scams involving rental properties. 


In these cases, scammers find a home listed for sale online and use the photos to advertise it as a rental property. 


When a prospective renter reaches out and wants to rent the property, the scammers ask for a deposit. 


By the time the victim realizes the rental is a scam, it’s too late.


Some of the things to look for when detecting the scam is that the caller doesn’t want to meet in person, they want you to send a deposit before seeing the house in-person and there is no screening process.


Never send money to someone you meet online, and to report suspicious activities, such as this, call the Marysville Division of Police at 937-645-7300.

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