Mayor Lynn Webb has Officially Declared a Snow Emergency for the City of Kenton

Written by on February 3, 2022

Explanation of snow emergency for Kenton:

(a) An emergency snow condition shall exist at such time as a uniform accumulation of four inches of snow has accumulated upon the streets of the City as determined by measurement by the Safety-Service Director or as determined by the local U.S. Weather Station. A snow emergency shall also exist at such time as the Mayor and the Director agree that the quantity of snow or the weather conditions constitute a hazard to persons traveling on the streets or highways. Immediately upon making such determination, the Mayor and the Director shall issue a joint statement to local news media and shall use all reasonably available means to provide notification of the existence of such condition. The Director shall, after the effective date of this section (Ordinance 79-008, passed February 12, 1979), post appropriate signs throughout the City to give the public notice of the existence of the provisions of this section and the depth of snowfall necessary to cause an emergency snow condition to exist.

An emergency snow condition shall cease to exist upon removal or melting of the snow accumulation from the City streets or when the Mayor and the Director concur that such emergency has ceased to exist. Notice of the cessation of the emergency shall be given through local news media and all other reasonably available means of general communication.

(b) During the existence of an emergency snow condition, no person shall park a motor vehicle upon a public street in any area of the City except as follows:

(1) Parking shall be permitted on the even-numbered side of the street on even-numbered days and upon the odd-numbered side of the street on odd-numbered days.

(2) Vehicles parked in violation of this section will be towed at the expense of the owner.

(c) During a declared snow emergency, this section supersedes all other parking regulations.
(Ord. 79-008. Passed 2-12-79.)

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