Mid-Ohio Awards Grant to Aid in Efforts to Mitigate Flooding in LaRue

Written by on July 2, 2019

LaRue, OH – A grant from Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative will help the LaRue Community Alliance in their efforts to mitigate flooding in the village of LaRue.

The $8,000 grant will be used to purchase and install a custom check flow valve designed to reduce flooding on village streets as well as flood damage to surrounding

“Concern for Community is a core principle of all cooperatives. By supporting projects like this, we can help build thriving rural communities for all,” said Mid-Ohio Energy President & CEO John Metcalf.

The LaRue Community Alliance (LCA) was formed in 2013 by a group of citizens with the goal to preserve and enhance the community.

The group soon realized their number one issue was flooding.

“Until the water problem is solved, we can’t move forward as a village,” said LCA President Barb Stofcheck.

“Many of the flood mitigation efforts, like installing check valves, are similar to building the foundation of a house. It’s not always the most visible part of the project, but it must be in place before you can proceed,” said Stofcheck.

This will be the fourth check valve (third funded by the LCA) to be installed as part of ongoing village efforts to route early surface waters into the Scioto River prior to the arrival of upstream waters.

“Don’t expect bone-dry conditions, but do expect a major reduction in water volume and depth,” said LCA member Clarence Greer. Greer has taken an active role in the project—mapping out areas that flood and studying how the floods affect the village.

In a presentation to LaRue village council earlier this month, Greer outlined the plans for the grant money.

Before prep work and installation of the valve can begin, the river depth must subside to two and a half feet or lower. The check valve is expected to be installed later this summer and will carry an expected life span of 35-50 years.

A portion of the grant funds will also be used to clean three storm drain basins in the area that will clear a path for water to exit into the tile under North High Street.

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