Motorists Reminded About Ohio’s Move Over Law

Written by on December 17, 2019

A driver that was reportedly distracted struck one of AAA’s roadside technicians while the technician was assisting a member on I-70 near West Jefferson this past Saturday. 


Everyone walked away from the incident with only minor injuries despite extensive damage to the vehicles involved.


It is a stark reminder of the dangers of distracted driving and Ohio’s Slow Down, Move Over law.


AAA tow operators respond to more than 30 million calls for help each year, working on roadside shoulders that are frequently no wider than four feet. 


The towing industry is 15 times deadlier than all other private industries combined with an average of 23 tow operators killed at the roadside every year. 


In Ohio, state law requires drivers approaching a stationary emergency vehicle, including tow trucks, to slow down and move over whenever you see flashing lights.

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