Municipal Court Judge Restricts Visitors During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on March 18, 2020

Hardin County Municipal Court Judge Greg Grimsled issued an order Tuesday regarding operations at the court.


The judge said in the interest of public health and due to the recent developments concerning the COVID-19 crisis, he is adopting various measures in order to protect and promote the health of the staff of the court

1. All arraignments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays will remain as scheduled. Only Defendants who
have a case before the Court and their counsel will be permitted in the hallway or in the Courtroom.

2. All criminal and traffic pre-trials will occur by telephone between the State and Defense counsel. Defense
counsel shall initiate the pre-trial by telephone at the appointed time and remain available should the State
not be available at the appointed time.

3. All civil pre-trials shall be conducted by telephone with the Court. Plaintiff’s counsel shall initiate the
telephone conference with Defendant/Defense counsel and the Court.

4. Jury trials shall be suspended until further order of the Court unless the Defendant is incarcerated on the
pending charge.

5. All probation department appointments shall be conducted by telephone unless otherwise directed by the
probation department. Probationers shall check with the probation department before appearing in person.

6. All fine and cost hearings scheduled between now and June 1, 2020 shall be rescheduled by the Court to a
later date. Notice of new date will be sent by regular U.S. mail. All individuals are expected to make their
agreed payments and then appear in person on the newly scheduled date and time. Payments can be made
through the Court’s website,

7. All other scheduled hearings shall remain as scheduled. Continuances of hearings will be considered on a
case by case basis. During this time, parties may fax continuance requests to (419)674-4096. All requests
must include case number.

8. During this time, only individuals who have personal business with the Court will be permitted in the hall
where the Court is located.

The measures will continue until further notice.

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