New System Gives Accurate Attendance Count for Hardin County Fair

Written by on September 9, 2021

The new ticketing system at the Hardin County Fair this week has been a success.

Gate Superintendent Paul Ralston said that everyone appears to be adjusting well to the change, “We’ve not had  too many issues. Most people are coming to the gates with their bar codes ready and we’re scanning them right in. We have a few people that still want to pay with cash. We’re allowing daily ticket purchases in, and they can come to the fair office and get their season tickets if that’s what they wish to do.“

He added that the new system gives them a much more accurate count for fair attendance, “In the past, we’ve always used a factor to determine  our daily gate admittance .  It was an equation  where we took the number of the season tickets and then added the daily attendance figures to it. Now we know exactly how many people are coming into the fairgrounds, we know how many  free tickets we’re giving as far as the  Veterans  Day and Senior Citizen’s Day are concerned. We’re getting accurate counts of the actual attendance of the Hardin County Fair.”

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