Ohio House Passes “Checks and Balances” Legislation; Governor Promises Veto

Posted on May 7, 2020

Gov. Mike DeWine’s office says the governor will veto legislation that would limit the power of the Ohio Department of Health Director.


In an effort to stem the authority of Dr. Amy Acton, the amendment proposed by Republican lawmakers would limit any stay-at-home order issued by the Ohio Department of Health to 14 days.


State Representative Jon Cross issued a statement saying he supported the Checks and Balances legislation which he says gives oversight to outdated 1908 health laws as well as protects Ohioans against the overreach of criminal citations by state and local health directors during a pandemic.


It passed the House Wednesday 58-37, and now goes back to the Senate for approval.


Gov. DeWine issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon concerning the proposed legislation that reads as follows:


“My administration is focused on the important things we need to do to help businesses responsibly reopen while protecting Ohioans’ health and safety. This week alone, this included increasing coronavirus testing and tracing, balancing Ohio’s budget, and working on plans to move Ohio’s economy forward. Ohioans need their legislators focused on these important issues. Creating more uncertainty regarding public health and employee safety is the last thing we need as we work to restore consumer confidence in Ohio’s economy.”

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