OSU Lima Town and Gown Award Nominations for 2020 Now Open

Written by on February 7, 2020

The Ohio State University at Lima is now accepting nominations for the Violet I. Meek Town and Gown Award, which honors one who exemplifies a significant and longstanding dedication to Disciplina in Civitatem, Education for Citizenship, the motto of The Ohio State University. Deadline for nominations is Feb. 27, 2020.

The award honors Dr. Violet I. Meek, who retired as Dean and Director of Ohio State Lima in July 2003. The honoree receives an individual award, and a plaque citing all honorees is maintained in the office of the Ohio State Lima Dean and Director.

Consideration will be given to those who, through sustained, effective efforts, have contributed to the cultural, educational and social well-being of the communities served by Ohio State Lima.

Recipients to date are:

.Dr. David S. Adams, 2003

. Mr. Thomas Francis, 2004

.Mr. Clyde Rauch, 2005

.Dr. William Ackerman, 2006

.Mr. Robert M. Schulte, 2007

.Mrs. Jaye E. McCain, 2008

.Dr. Jon Rockhold, 2009

.Mr. Ora (Bud) Winzenried, 2010

.Mayor David J. Berger, 2011

. Dr. William D. Angel, Jr., 2012

.Mrs. Joyce Tracy, 2013

. Dr. William Sullivan, 2014

.Mr. George Brooks, 2015

. Mr. Roger Nimps, 2016

. Mrs. Martha S. MacDonell, 2018

.Mr. William Timmermeister, 2019

Exemplifying a collaborative spirit, the model candidate consistently advocates for higher education while embodying the reciprocal relationship of the Town and Gown.

Nominations may be made by anyone and nominees need not be alumni of The Ohio State University. Only the name of the honoree will be made public. This year’s award recipient will be announced at a special reception.

A streamlined nomination form is available online at go.osu.edu/MeekTownGown.

For more information, contact Robin Pohl at pohl.60@osu.edu or 567-242-7200.

The nomination deadline is Feb. 27, 2020.

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