Positive COVID-19 cases reported at Kenton schools

Written on October 23, 2020

One staff member who works in Kenton Elementary School and Kenton Middle School has tested positive for COVID-19.

Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski said that whenever a person has a confirmed COVID-19 case, they must quarantine per CDC and local health department guidelines, and may not return to school until they meet CDC criteria and receive a letter from the local health department. The district is working closely with the Kenton Hardin Health Department to guide their response to this situation.

At this time, they have notified everyone in the impacted class or classes who may have had contact with the person who tested positive. If you were not contacted, it is because they have no reason to believe you or your child had exposure to this person while in the building.

The school district is also providing this notification so everyone can closely monitor themselves and family members for possible COVID-19 symptoms.

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