Rezoning Effort Rejected By Kenton City Council

Posted on June 13, 2022

Before Kenton City Council’s 11th regular session a public hearing was held on the rezoning of a property on Glendale Street. The property owner was looking to have the area rezoned from a R-1 (One & Two Family Residential District) to a B-3 (General Business District) in an effort to open a daycare center. After some discussion Council acknowledged the clear need for child care in the area but would ultimately decide too deny the rezoning after a number of councilmembers expressed concerns over parking and more importantly problems created by spot zoning. Mayor Lynn Webb, Law Director Schwemer, and Councilman Beazley would go out of their way to thank the property owner, Holly Ulrich, for her professionalism and desire to serve the community. Mayor Webb would also state a desire to work with Ulrich in an effort to get the center opened at a different location.

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