Rhodes State College Foundation Announces the Opening of the 2021-2022 Scholarship Application

Posted on October 16, 2020

LIMA, Ohio, October 16, 2020 – The Rhodes State College Foundation announced the opening of the 2021-2022 scholarship application season.

Prospective and current Rhodes State students may apply for the scholarships at https://rhodesstatecollege.awardspring.com/

Through one application, applicants are automatically applied to all of the scholarship opportunities for which they are eligible. Applications are due by December 14, 2020.

This year, the Foundation can grant up to 152 student scholarship awards totaling almost $162,000. Over the past 21 years, the Foundation has awarded over 2,000 awards to students, totaling over $2.2 million through endowed and annual scholarships.

“The annual amount of scholarships available to students continues to grow with an average scholarship now providing over $1,000,” said Kevin Reeks, Vice President for Institutional Advancement. “The average scholarship covers approximately six credit hours. All of this is made possible because of generous donors including members and organizations in our community as well as Rhodes State faculty, staff and alumni.”

“We are always grateful for the help of the community, families and our faculty and staff in their efforts to encourage students considering Rhodes State for their college education as well as current students to apply for scholarships,” continued Reeks.

Founded in 1978, the Rhodes State College Foundation assists the College by developing partnerships and relationships with individuals, businesses and community organizations. The Foundation generates financial support to increase the College’s viability, enhance opportunities for students, and help provide more accessible and affordable education to current and future students.

Presently, the Foundation has 58 endowed and annual funds that impact the students of Rhodes State.

Persons and organizations interested in establishing a scholarship may contact Kevin Reeks, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, at development@rhodesstate.edu or 419-995-8081. For questions about the current scholarship application process, individuals can contact Kim Miller, Director of Alumni Relations and Development at miller.k9@rhodesstate.edu or 567-242-5972.

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