Ridgemont Board of Education Met Thursday Evening

Posted on April 29, 2022

We celebrated many student achievements at the Board of Education meeting tonight.

While we are beginning to wind down the school year, we are also preparing for the 22-23 school year. We are looking forward to adding more room for our preschools, a refinished track, more playground options, and being able to better assist our students’ academic and mental health needs next year.

The month of May is staff appreciation month. We are very thankful to our teachers and staff who serve our students every day. With each school year comes many challenges and our teachers and staff work hard every day to design learning experiences and environments where students come to learn and grow. Thank you to our teachers and staff for their dedication to our students and community!

Also, on Saturday, May 21st, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office will be using our Mt. Victory K-12 building for a county-wide safety training. This training will involve multiple agencies including fire, EMS, and law enforcement.

Please see the calendar below followed by the board highlights from tonight’s Ridgemont Board of Education meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Upcoming Calendar

Tuesday, May 10 Two Hour Delay for Teacher Professional Development

Thursday, May 26 Last Day of School – One Hour Early Dismissal

Friday, June 3 Senior Graduation – 7:00 pm Mt. Victory Gym

KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION – May 5th and May 6th – Parents need to contact Cindy Brown, elementary school secretary, at 937-354-2141 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to set up an appointment.

You can access the Board agendas and minutes at this direct link Ridgemont Agendas, Minutes and Policies or by logging on to the Ridgemont Schools website.

April 28, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Highlights

.Congratulations to Landon Newland for being selected as Third Team All Ohio! This is a well deserved high level honor. Also, congratulations to Landon Newland for earning Bellefontaine Examiner All Area Team, Player of the Year. We are proud of you Landon.

.Congratulations to Mason Stuck for being selected for the Bellefontaine Examiner All Area Team. We are proud of you Mason.

.Congratulations to the following students who will have poems published in the Young Writer’s Empowered writing contest and the poems will be published in a poetry anthology book:

.Olivia Karcher

.Jayda Dondrea

.Maitlyn McLane

.Raven Minix

.Gabrielle Shelt

.Kolbie Stanfield

.Elijah Stapleton

.Frederick Howland

.Charlie Chronister

.Wade Gamble

.McKala Grauel

.Austin Long

.Regann McGrath

.Charlotte Ward

.Carter Ruppright

.Ridgemont FFA Presentation-Congratulations FFA Members!

State FFA Degree Recipients: Abby McElfresh, Jillian Kearns, Kevin Eckstein, Loryn Elsasser, Lola Ramsey, Makynna Parthemore,
McKala Grauel, Weston McKinley

State FFA Proficiency Finalist (Top 4 in Ohio): Callie Cromer – Dairy Placement, Lane Underwood – Forage Placement, Lola Ramsey – Organic Agriculture, McKala Grauel –
Service Learning Gold Rated Officer Books

Secretary – Abby McElfresh, Reporter – Mary Rose, Treasurer – Hannah McKinniss

2022 STATE SCIENCE FAIR FINALISTS-Ranked in the top 4 in Ohio in their Science Fair Division

Weston McKinley – “Running off with Pollution”in Environmental Science Division 5; Loryn Elsasser – “To Game or Not To Game: A Quantitative Study of Ohio Teachers Perceptions of Gamification and Barriers to Adoption”in Social Systems Division 5; Weston Hites – “Epoxy Legends: A Qualitative Study Of Metal Epoxies Tensile Strength And Torque” in Power Systems Division 3; Hannah McKinniss – “Let’s Capture It!: A Quantitative Study of Carbon Sequestration Exchanges in Ohio” in Social Systems Division 3; Taylor Payne – “Add Em’ Up!: A Quantitative Study on the Digestibility of Swine Show Additives” in Animal Science Division 3; Dylan Penhorwood – “Accuracy Of Pelleted Seeds: A Quantitative Study Of The Farmbot Efficiency With Different Brands Of Seeds”in Plant Science Division 3; Kaelyn Saylor – “We Can Do It, Too!: A Qualitative Study of Women Leaders in Agriculture” in Social Systems Division 3; Kaytlin Billenstein – “Tik Tok, on the Clock!: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Lesson Types with Animal By-Products” in Social Systems Division 1; Brenden Eckstein – “Bugging Out For A Cleaner World: A Study of The Impact of Disinfectants on Stick Bugs”in Environmental Science Division 1; Connor Eckstein – “Let’s Play the Quiet Game: A Quantitative Study on the Attenuation of Noise by Plants” in Plant Science Division 1 ; Ruth Eckstein – “Let’s Get Melty!: A Quantitative Study on the Melting Rate of Soy and Dairy Based Ice Cream”in Food Science Division 1; Alivia Elliott – “Are Ewe Growing Faster?: A Quantitative Study on the Growth of Single and Multiple Lambs” in Animal Science Division 1; Masen Jolliff – “Hooollly Horsepower: A Quantitative Study of NTTL, John Deere and an Independent Trial” in Power Systems Division 1; Kody Kiser – “Powered by the Sun: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Gear and Wheel Size in Solar Powered Cars”in Power Systems Division 1; Jon Cromer & Mason Howard – “Light it Up or Not!: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of How Light Reduction Affects the Growth of Microgreens” in Plant Science Division 2; Prezley Furer & Kamy Kiser – “Run, Kitty, Run!: A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Laser Color and Cats Reactions” in Animal Science Division 2; Addison Holland & Maddie Gossard – “Turn It Up!: A Mixed Method Study on the Impact of Animal Moods with Music”in Animal Science Division 2; Mason Swavel & Owen Kearns – “Really Hot & Humid: A Quantitative Study of Chicken Incubators” in Power Systems Division 2; Clayton Patterson & Hayden Shoffner – “Let’s Get Wet: A Qualitative Study of the Time Programing of FarmBot for Watering” in Plant Systems Division 4; Addison Hensel & Taylor Hollinger – “Best Bioactive Buddies: A Qualitative of Isopods and Springtails in Bioactive as Clean-Up Crewin Environmental Systems Division 4
Top 10 FFA Chapter Overall in Ohio

Top 10 FFA Chapter in Growing Leaders Division

Ridgemont’s FFA members created the new initiative 3D Printing Our Future where they taught FFA members to select, prototype, troubleshoot and redesign solutions through the 7 steps of the engineering design process; members validated knowledge growth of 36% through pre and post tests. Another new activity was Keynotes of Ag Technology where, with 32 FFA members in attendance, they hosted an Agricultural Technology Night with a guest speaker that is the lead technical specialist at Logitech. At the end of the night each FFA member set 2 life goals for their future and brainstormed with a mentor to assist them. Their final activity was Technology to Taste, where FFA members learned to connect agricultural content with novel teaching strategies when they used VR, gamification and TikTok to design lessons on by-products and agricultural items.

Top 10 FFA Chapter in Building Communities

Ridgemont FFA’s Environmental Committee created a new project, Pollinating for A Purpose, where they designed a 1,000 square foot bee pollinator garden and 55 elementary students were taught about pollinators. Prior to planting the seeds, FFA members were taught the importance of pollinators actions during the Bee Olympics, where they battled it out for honey prizes at 3 bee pollination simulations. Bugging Out For A Better World is a new project that addresses the need of additional protein sources to feed the growing population. FFA members toured the OSU Insectary, gained husbandry skills to build 4 insect enclosures, as well as learned to create and test alternative proteins from crickets. As COVID restrictions have lifted the FFA completed Non-Virtual Volunteering by constructing the Pumpkin House and transitioning flower pots for the Mt. Victory Community Development Committee from summer to fall decorations to beautify the downtown, as well as meet with a Master Gardener to plant 19 trees in the FFA Tree Grove and recycle pumpkins, from the pumpkin house, in the school’s land lab.

Top 10 FFA Chapter in Strengthening Agriculture

The Ridgemont FFA conducted its first Commodity Christmas where FFA members constructed a Commodity Wall Map to highlight products from each state. At the first annual event, 22 different agricultural commodities were used by FFA members to design 35 lessons to create over 500 holiday commodity gifts with K-6 elementary students. Food Confusion Resolved was a new project created to elevate misconceptions about food literacy, animal production practices and food labeling so we created new experiences with producers and new lessons to create more informed consumers. Farm to Fork STEM Day was another new event for the chapter where they opened students’ eyes to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in agriculture.

Congratulations to our FFA Members and their advisor, Stephanie Jolliff, we wish you the best at the State Convention.

.Congratulations to Roman Williams for being selected as Quest Federal Credit Union 2022 Teacher of the Year representing the Ridgemont Local School District.

.Congratulations to Amy Ahlstrom, 6th Grade Teacher and Tiffany Snow, Preschool Teacher both were honored as “Teacher of the Week” from Rise FM Radio.

Agenda Items

The board approved the following motion:

Approve the List of Seniors for the Class of 2022 Who Will Graduate June 3, 2022, Provided All Requirements Set Forth by the Local and State Boards of Education Have Been Met:

Whitney Bailey
Andrew Jonathan Brooks
Bradley Michael Brown
Destiny Chaffins
Callie Ann Cromer
Ashtin Cole Elliott
Wyatt Frederick Furer
Shaina Michelle Hamilton
Landyn Michael Hijma
Amanda Shay Howland
Mitchell Walker Jennings
Joeb Luke Kagak Patterson
Olivia Adele Karcher
Alexandra Olivia Kennedy
MyKenzie Marie Lance
Lynzy Shyanne Manning
Briley Storm McGue
Kayla Breann Munafo
Aliyah Faith Musson
Brooklyn Deborah Nelson
Dominic Eugene Newland
Landon Christopher Newland
Micenzie Michelle Olsen
Jebadiah Ahvakana Patterson
Wyatt C.W. Payne
Sage Nicole Quinton
Grant Alexander Reppart
Shaya Destiny Robinson
Gabrielle Grace Shelt
Emma Grace Smith
Mason Alexander Stuck
McKynzie Marie Timmons
Lane Jacob Underwood
Jenna Mae Ward
Colton James Whitaker
Zoei Marie Wilson

Congratulations to our seniors! We have cherished being a part of your education and look forward to seeing you show the world your potential. We wish you the best!

We invite you to be a part of their graduation on Friday, June 3, 2022, at 7:00 pm in the Mt. Victory Gym as we celebrate our seniors and their final day as Ridgemont students.


The board accepted the resignation of Roman Willams, 7-12 Integrated English Teacher at the end of the 2021-2022 contract.

Lori Romie was approved as the 4-12 Agricultural and Environmental Systems Teacher on a one year contract for the 2022-2023 school year. Ms. Romie is a high school graduate of Covington Schools, she received her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from The Ohio State University and is in the process of earning her Masters from Colorado State. For the last 4 years Ms. Romie has been an Agricultural Educator at Spencerville Schools.

Wyatt James was approved as the 6th Grade Math and Science teacher on a one year contract for the 2022-2023 school year. Mr. James is a Ridgemont graduate and he has earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from The Ohio State University. Mr. James will be starting his teaching career at Ridgemont. Please welcome Mr. James back to Ridgemont.

The board approved the following list of supplemental contracts for the 2022-2023 school year, pending certification:

Athletic Director – Shawn Smith
Basketball-Boys – Head – Shawn Smith
Basketball-JV-Boys – Tyler Tillman
Basketball-Girls-Head – Tim Weyant
Basketball-JV-Girls – Keysten Creamer
Basketball 8th-Girls – Mackenzie Rader
Cheerleading HS Fall – Erica Elsasser
Cheerleading HS Winter – Erica Elsasser
Golf Coach – Collin Wallace
Guidance 20 days – Kim Hawk
Jr. Class Advisor/Prom – Darcy Ruppright
Musical Advisor – Lucretia Fenwick
Music Prog Smr 10 days – Cassie Thomas
Swing Choir Coordinator – Lucretia Fenwick
Voc. Ag. Instr. 60 days – Stephanie Jolliff
Voc. Ag. Instr. 60 days – Lori Romie
Volleyball Head – Darcy Ruppright
8th Grade Volleyball Coach – Brittany Rudasill
Pep Band Instructor – Cassie Thomas
Jazz Band Instructor – Cassie Thomas
Extra Curricular Supervisor – Darcy Ruppright

A Memorandum of Understanding and a stipend were approved.


The FY2023 Service Agreement with the Midwest Regional ESC was approved for the 2022-2023 school year for Educational Assistants, Behavior Therapist Services (as needed), Preschool Program Services and School Social Liaison.

The purchase of 175 Chromebooks was approved. Policies and the optional student accident insurance were approved. The FFA overnight field trips for the State Convention in Columbus on May 5th and 6th and the FFA National Convention in Indianapolis for October 26-29, 2022, were approved.


We want to thank everyone who has generously donated to our school. The Ridgemont Board of Education accepted donations and took the time to thank the donors listed below for their generosity to the district.

-Thank you to Renee Stalder for her donation of supplies and clothing for students to the Nurse’s Clinic.
-Thank you to the following for the donations of cast meals, props and water for the Musical:

Tabitha Houser
Rebecca Browning
Christina Henderson
Jina Kearns
Jackie McCarthy
Christy Newland
Ann McElfresh
Emily Eckstein
Katrisha Lones
Newland Family
Jack N Do’s Pizza

All community families who kindly donated props.

-Thank you to Tom at the Belly Acre for his donation of pizza boxes for 6th Grade Cell Game Boards.

Work Session

.The board convened in a work session to discuss Finances, discussing the current status and five year goals and budgets.

(Details on the meeting were provided by Ridgemont Superintendent Sally Henrick)

Current track