Riverdale Applies for Grant to Provide Internet Service

Posted on August 30, 2020

Riverdale has applied for the BroadbandOhio Connectivity Grant to provide internet to those students who have no internet access.

If you meet the following criteria please contact Mr. DeMotte at jdemotte@rdfalcons.net

To be eligible for internet services provided by the school the student must qualify.

Here are the qualifiers:

.Economically disadvantaged students.

.Vulnerable Youth

.Students with chronic conditions

.Students who do not have other access to the internet.

They have been talks with Watch Communications to offer free public WiFi service at the school and at Gormley Park in Forest.

This is in addition to the school WiFi that is available in the school parking lot.

Again if you believe you qualify please contact Mr. DeMotte at jdemotte@rdfalcons.net

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