Santo Speaks to Kenton Rotary Club

Written by on November 18, 2021

Maria Santo, Magistrate, Hardin County Common Pleas Court, General Division

Maria Santo spoke to the Kenton Rotary Club about the upcoming changes in the Hardin County Court system.  

These changes are happening due to the Modern Courts Amendment (MCA) that made changes to the structure of Ohio’s court system over 50 years ago.  

In part, that law forbids judicial candidates from running for state or local judgeships if they turn 70 before they are sworn into office.  

This will happen within our court system.    

There will also be a restructuring of the court systems in Hardin County.  

An opening for a judge will occur and candidates will run for that elected office.  

Maria Santo is a certified Republican candidate for judge in Hardin County and will be on the ballot in May 2022. 

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