Second Peaceful Protest Supporting Black Lives Matter Held Saturday

Written by on June 29, 2020

Despite the rain Saturday morning, numerous people attended the Peaceful Protest for Change Hardin County rally on June 27.

The event was held on the west side of the Hardin County Courthouse in downtown Kenton. Among the many speakers for the rally were Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser and Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart.

Organizer Allison Howard said there were around 50 people.

Featured speakers included Tammy Wrasman, Ashley Richards, Vivian Nalls, Tom Poistora, Holly Layman Cannode , Rebecca Browning, Shay Robinson, Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart and Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser.

Howard said, “The goal is to open up dialogue in Hardin County, to face the issues that are happening within the county in a united matter. To open up the eyes of those that do not believe that racism can happen in a small place like Hardin County. We want people to understand that supporting Black Lives Matter does not mean that All Lives do not Matter. It is not anti-police, anti- white or something that has to be confrontational. It can be as simple as opening your mind to hear the perspective of those that have faced the micro and macro aggressions against them for the color of their skin. The protests are giving people an opportunity to talk, ask questions, share experiences and above all to listen. Will the protests end racism? Probably not, but if we have opened the mind or heart of one person then what is lost by doing it.”

This is the second rally held by the group in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.


The pictures are courtesy of and being used by permission from Lexie Oates Photography.

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