Several Patrons of Roundhead Bar Potentially Exposed to COVID-19

Posted on August 1, 2020

Several people were potentially exposed to the COVID virus in the Longhorn Bar and Grill in Roundhead on Monday, July 27.

The management of the business has voluntarily closed the business to accommodate quarantine of staff and to conduct appropriate cleaning of the facility.

Kenton-Hardin Health Department commends the decisions of the business operator in the wake of the unfortunate potential COVID virus exposure.

It is anticipated that the business will re-open safely at the end of 14 days.

Kenton-Hardin Health Department is asking for assistance from individuals who were present within the business on July 27. The health department is tasked with attempting to contact each person to make them aware of the possible exposure to the COVID virus.

It is the wish of the health department to share information about the best steps to take to safe-guard individual health and to help prevent possible additional spread of the COVID virus. The health department will be contacting some individuals directly with contact information that is known to the department. However, several people were present for which contact information is not available.

For those who were present at the Longhorn Bar and Grill on July 27, the health department is asking that you voluntarily quarantine in your home for 14 days, monitor your temperature and watch for other symptoms that could indicate the onset of COVID infection.

Anyone with questions can call Kenton-Hardin Health Department at 419-673-6230.

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