Treasurer Sprague Joins Fellow State Treasurers, Auditors to Oppose Biden Administration Overreach

Written by on September 21, 2021

US Treasury Department proposal will put private citizens’ privacy at risk while placing significant new costs and burden on financial institutions

COLUMBUS – Treasurer Robert Sprague has joined 21 fellow state treasurers, state auditors and financial officers in the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF) to oppose a Biden Administration proposal that would require financial institutions to turn over private citizens’ personal bank account information to the Internal Revenue Service if they exceed $600 of inflows or outflows in an account.

Sprague states in the letter:

“The Biden Administration’s proposal is an outrageous assault on Americans’ liberties,” said Treasurer Sprague. “Their attempt at invading our private financial accounts not only erodes our rights and values as Americans, but it would also be dangerously burdensome to our financial institutions – both large and small. I’m proud to stand alongside my colleagues around the country to fight against this unprecedented and unnecessary intrusion.”

A full copy of the letter to the Biden Administration can be found here:

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