Unregistered Ohioans Will Receive Voter Registration Outreach Cards

Written by on August 15, 2019

COLUMBUS – Beginning August 26th, 168,395 Ohioans who have been identified as unregistered but eligible to vote will receive a postcard in the mail instructing them how to register to vote.

This initiative is in coordination with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a non-profit organization who assists participating states in the effort to improve the accuracy of their voter rolls and increase access to voter registration. 28 states and Washington, D.C. are members of ERIC.

As a part of this partnership, ERIC and their participating states work to identify eligible citizens who were found on the motor vehicle database, but who are not registered to vote and have never received a similar mailing previously, to receive a postcard that informs them how to get themselves registered.

“Voting is one of our fundamental rights as Americans, and we want every eligible voter to have the chance to exercise that right,” said LaRose. “We expect this effort will reach a lot of younger Ohioans who haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity to register to vote, so we’re making sure they’re given every chance to have their voice heard.”

Based on the data provided by the BMV, nearly 120,000 Ohioans under the age of 21 will receive the voter registration outreach postcard.

Ohioans interested in being registered to vote in the upcoming November general election must do so by October 7, 2019. You can register to vote or update your current registration at VoteOhio.gov.

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