USV Backpack Blessings Scheduled for August 1

Posted on July 28, 2020

Backpack Blessings, sponsored by Alger 1st UMC, USV School, community businesses and USV residents, will take place on August 1, 2020, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Backpack Blessings is only for Upper Scioto Valley students preK/K through grade 12 whether attending USV in person or by remote learning.

Due to COVID-19 CDC guidelines, some changes are listed below:

1. Backpack Blessings will take place outdoors in the Upper Scioto Valley school parking lot. A ‘flow of traffic’ map is attached/posted. This is to keep waiting cars from hampering traffic on Courtright Street.

2. At the Check-in Point, student name and grade level will be marked off a roster of returning and new students. Students & parents will remain in car.

3. Student will receive a token noting their grade level. Students & parents will remain in car.

4. Then their car will move forward to the backpack choice area.

5. Any student/parent outside their car must wear a mask.

6. A volunteer will meet the child/children from that car, take their token and lead them to the backpack choice area and allow students to pick out their backpack (& lunch box if they so desire).

7. Volunteer will then take student to the proper grade level tub/table to get pre-bagged supplies as determined by their grade-level token.

8. Student will return to car and family will exit to Courtright Street.

9. This process will accommodate 3 cars at a time. NO PASSING OR LEAVING THE LINE.

10. As before, large bulk items (i.e. paper towels, tissues) will be distributed to teachers.

11. There will be no separate line this year for parents attending without students. However, student’s name must be on the master list at the Check-in Point to receive a bookbag and supplies.

The following is a flow of traffic map:

Current track