Vacuum Sanitary Sewer System Issues Persist in Forest

Posted on February 3, 2021

The following news release was sent by Forest Mayor Dean Hankins:

On Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 the Village of Forest began experiencing what at that time was believed to be minor issues with the Vacuum Sanitary Sewer System alarms.

Crews would clear the system and reset the alarms, only to have the system alarm again in a few hours.

The crews were unable to locate the source of the malfunction alarms.

On Saturday, January 30th at 9:19pm a community alert was issued advising residents of the ongoing issue and asking those on the Vacuum Sanitary Sewer System (The Airvac system is utilized east of Mad River and east of Railroad Street) to please limit use to only vital functions until the alarm source could be located.

During this time crews could only isolate the problem to a general area and “hand fire” to clear the line. They continued to search for the source and also contacted service support representatives with AirVac Systems, the manufacture of this sanitary sewer system. Airvac dispatched their support representative to Forest but they could not be in the area until the first of this week.

At present, our Service Crew and AirVac are still working hard to fix the sewer issue.

Residents are asked to continue to limited use of the vacuum sewer system and are requesting that residents experiencing EMERGENCY sewer issues please contact the Village’s Emergency Service Phone at 419-429-9150 and crews will respond to assess and assist.

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