Village of Forest Proposes 5 Year Street Repair/Maintenance Plan

Posted on June 24, 2020

Proposed 5 year plan for Village of Forest Street Repair/Replacement and alley Maintenance Program

The proposed street and alley repair list has been determined based on what is seen and determined to be those most in need of repair, they are listed in order of need and subject to change. The schedule will be determined as funds allow, but the goal is for one road per year for the next five (5) years.

Street list in order of most in need:

1. Julia Street, funds have been secured and this street project will be started in June or July of 2021. This project will be paid by a combination of Community Development Block Grant Funding and Village Street Funds.

2. Also in 2021 the State of Ohio has scheduled grinding of blacktop and resurfacing of State Route 37 at Hancock County Line (Wells Road), Gage Street to Martin Street, Martin Street to Lima Street and Lima Street to Corporation Limit and then to Wyandot County Line. They will also grind and pave from Lima Street south on Madriver to corporation limit and then continue St. Route 53 South to Kenton with Paving.

3. Railroad Street/Country Road 207 from the Corporation Limit to Lima Street. There is consideration of Tar and Chip Repair from the Village Sewer Lift Station to the Corporation with the southern section of Railroad to Lima Street being blacktopped.

4. Campbell Street, The cost of replacement of the road will be determined by the Hardin County Engineer.

5. Hueston Street East and West, The cost of replacement of the road will be determined by the Hardin County Engineer.

6. East Gage Street. The cost of replacement of the road will be determined by the Hardin County Engineer.
The proposed Forest alley maintenance program is for the alleys to be re-graded once per month or as needed, Locations will be determined as needed.

The Village of Forest will be TRIALING the use of road grindings available from The Ohio Department of Transportation for “re-stoning” some high use and or degraded alleys. The first “TRIAL ALLEY” will be the North and south sections of 300 E. Lima and E. Dixon, including the 100 Block of S. Mary and South Warner. This is a high use alley and will demonstrate the long term effectiveness of the material. Also under consideration for trial is the extremely deteriorated North-South alley from Julia Street to the deteriorated East-West Alley from Patterson to Davis Streets.

The Village of Forest will continue to fill pot holes with cold blacktop mix on an as needed basis as.

The Mayor and Administrator seeking public comment on this plan.

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