Windmill Parts Expected to Snarl Traffic in Downtown Kenton this Week

Posted on April 27, 2020

Parts for the windmill project will start rolling through Kenton this week.


According to police chief Dennis Musser, transformers will be arriving via flatbed trailers and coming in from the west on state route 309 and from the north on U.S. route 68. 


All loads will have a state police escort as the trailers range from 190 to 225 ft. in length. 


Citizens will notice parking spaces blocked off on Franklin and Detroit Streets so that the trucks will be able to negotiate the turns from Franklin onto Detroit. 


Musser said unfortunately everything seems to be happening at once, with Main Street being closed due to Phase 1 construction and all traffic routed onto 68, and he is asking everyone to be patient.


He said while the timing is not the best, with only one load coming through a day, they should be able to keep any traffic stoppage to a minimum.

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