WKTN to Broadcast Cincinnati Bengals Games

Posted on August 19, 2020

Home Town Media LTD, which owns and operates WKTN, has entered into a 3-year broadcast contract with the Cincinnati Bengals Radio Network.

This agreement will allow WKTN to broadcast Cincinnati Bengals games.

According to Station Manager Chad Spencer, “Many listeners have requested NFL return to radio in our region. WKTN reached out to both the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals, with only the Bengals returning information.”

When asked about why WKTN had discontinued the Cleveland Browns broadcasts previously, Spencer had this to say; “The Cleveland Browns Radio network increased their fees to broadcast while limiting which businesses could advertise. With higher fees and smaller options for advertising, it was not fiscally responsible to continue to broadcast the Browns. We did try to work with them, but we were unable to come up with an agreement.”

The Bengals broadcasts will join, Columbus Blue Jackets, Ohio State Football (when it returns), and regional high school sports broadcasts.

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