Ada Police Department K9 Handler Announces Resignation

Written by on October 11, 2019


The sudden resignation of Ada Police Department K9 handler Sgt. Matt Purdy has left the future of the department’s K9 program up in the air.


Ada Police Chief Michael Harnishfeger announced Sgt. Purdy’s resignation on Facebook earlier today.


The Chief said he is an excellent officer who will definitely be missed.


What happens to Oakley, the department’s K9, now is the focus.


The village has invested upwards of $35,000 in Oakley, which includes a new cruiser, training and equipment.


Several options will be considered, such as to retire Oakley and allow Sgt. Purdy to keep her or re-assign her to another handler within the department or perhaps sell Oakley to another agency or to the Purdy family.


The Ada Village Council will make the final decision perhaps as early as the next meeting this Tuesday evening.

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