Blue Star Mothers Conducting Fundraiser During Cruise Night in Kenton

Posted on July 23, 2020

Blue Star Mothers of America Hardin County Chapter is holding a Stuff A Truck fundraiser.


Participants of the Cruise Night in Kenton from 7-9 Friday July 24 are asked to bring non perishable food items, personal care items and other miscellaneous items that will be used for care packages to be sent to members of the military who are stationed around the world.


Chapter President Kathy Tracy said they will collect the items in a truck that will be parked on the square.


***Please note items in parenthesis, as we cannot send some items***


Single serve coffee packets, creamer & sweetener packets.
Single serve drink mix packets for water bottles.
Dried fruit, fruit snacks, nuts, trail mix.
Granola, protein, power, nutrition or cereal bars.
Sandwich cracker packets such as; peanut butter, cheese,etc.
Microwave popcorn and Ready Rice, ex: Uncle Bens
Beef jerky
Gum (blister packs keep better)
Honey (plastic bottles)
Jiff-to-Go or Nutella spread
Seasoning packets such as; ranch, Italian, taco, chili etc
Gravy packets.
Tuna or Chicken salad in foil packets or lunch kits w/crackers.


Baby powder (travel size)
Bug spray (plastic bottle ONLY)
Chewable Pepto-bismol
Cough drops, Chapstick with SPF
Tylenol/Acetaminophen (NO IBUPROFEN/ASPIRIN)
Eye drops (moisturizing only, NO red eye)
Foot powder
Moleskin/molefoam (foot padding)
Mouth wash strips or travel size mouthwash
Q-tips (travel size)
Sunblock (lotion type, NO AEROSOL)
Nail clippers, nail file, emery board
Mens 2 in 1 shampoo/body wash (15 oz or less)
Womens 2 in 2 shampoo/conditioner (15 oz or less)
Mens deodorant (we have enough womens at this time)


Hand warmers
Sewing kits
Travel card games
Sudoku/crossword/puzzle books
Pillow cases and twin sheets

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