City Officials Weighing Options Regarding Opening Kenton Pool

Posted on May 8, 2020

The Kenton Parks and Recreation Department held a meeting Thursday evening regarding the opening of the Kenton swimming pool this year.


Parks and Recreation Director and Public Information Officer Taylor Klinger said at this point they are weighing the cost associated with opening the pool versus the cost of keeping it closed.


She said there is a significant cost to open the pool, and given the impact the pandemic has had on the city budget, that could affect operations in 2021.


Klinger noted that they want to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of either scenario.


Klinger said at this point, they are also waiting on Gov. Mike DeWine, and any orders being lifted regarding the closing of such facilities.


Kenton Mayor Lynn Webb said that if the pool is closed, other activities will be provided that can be accomplished through proper social distancing.


She said they don’t want to make a quick decision until they get a full grasp of where things stand.


The mayor added that she fully understands that canceling recreational activities will create even more hardships on kids and teens in the city, which is why safe alternatives will be explored in case the pool does not open.

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