Commissioners Have Discussion on Multi County Jail Overcrowding

Written by on October 10, 2019

The Hardin County Commissioners held a discussion on overcrowding at the Multi County Jail in Marion.


Attending the meeting were Sheriff Keith Everhart, Chief Deputy Dennis Burns and Jail Director Dale Osborn.


Osborn presented an overview on what he intends to present to the Jail Commission at a meeting scheduled for October 16.


He said Marion County has budgeted one million dollars for out of county inmates for 2020.


One possible solution would be double bunking, but Osborn said that would require more staff.


Sheriff Everhart said he is not a big fan of moving away from the set standards. 


Essential standards, noted Osborn, have to be met in the areas of health and safety standards and he would do away with double bunking if there was an expansion in the future.


It was stated that there is no perfect solution as they work to achieve a workable plan.

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