Kenton City Council Meeting Addresses Pool and Camping

Posted on May 11, 2020

In last night’s meeting an ordinance was passed that allowed for additional appropriations to the tune of $3,650 for EMS Supplies and $7,004 for Fire Maintenance of Equipment to repair a fire truck. Another $107,000 worth of appropriations were approved for downtown incidentals, engineering and construction. The ordinance also contained transfers of money from several items including $8,800 from rec new equipment to quarry maintenance and equipment for a new water line at the quarry, as well as $1,200 from rec new equipment to rec incidentals. And finally $18,000 from stormwater downtown construction to stormwater downtown incidentals.


It was also pointed out that in relation to the new trash collecting service that the administration is working with Republic and North Central Ohio Solid Waste to accomplish the goal of having the new service ready to launch on July 1st. 


Public Safety Service Director Cindy Murray mentioned that it will be approximately 6 weeks until construction is completed on main street. 


Finally Parks and Recreation Director Taylor Klinger spoke on the situation regarding France lake and the Kenton City Pool. Regarding France Lake the Health Department has not given the green light for the campground to be open but the administration as well as the Health Department is looking at multiple options on how to open the campgrounds safely. As for the Kenton City Pool there will be a meeting on Thursday May 14th for more information but until then, it was said that if the pool did not open then there would be options for kids to remain active in the community but if the pool is closed then the splash pad will also remain closed. 


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be held on Tuesday May 26th at 7 P.M.

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