Ohio Hi-Point Career Center Recognizes Class of 2020

Posted on May 21, 2020

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio – Ohio Hi-Point Career Center’s Class of 2020 Convocation Ceremony was held virtually on Wednesday, May 20. The Convocation Ceremony recognizes students who attend the Bellefontaine Main Campus from one of OHP’s 14 partner school districts and complete a career-technical program.


A pre-produced video featuring student speakers, special music, and student-submitted senior photos, was published on the district’s Facebook and YouTube channels.


Xienna Café, Welding and Fabrication senior from Riverside High School, played a moving rendition of the National Anthem on her violin. Adrian Blanken, a Cosmetology senior from Graham High School, sang the senior song “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.


Superintendent Dr. Rick Smith gave a message to the graduates during the historic virtual event. “I hope you look at this as an opportunity to take on the challenges that are ahead of you.” said Dr. Smith. He stressed the importance of enrolling, enlisting, or gaining employment to help make the country thrive. “Take the work ethic and the skills you’ve learned here along with teamwork, communication, and understanding of each other and the compassion shown during this time out into your career field,” finished Dr. Smith.


LaVonna Roth, CEO of Ignite Your Shine, gave the keynote address. Roth stressed the importance of kindness and forgiveness and encouraged the Class of 2020 to stand in their strengths and make a difference in the world.


Steven Baer, an Outdoor Careers senior, Hannah Louck, a Multimedia Marketing senior, and Ashlyn Hall, a Cosmetology senior, were the student speakers for the evening. Baer told the class how proud he was of all they accomplished. Louck encouraged students to remain curious and be a lifelong learner. Hall celebrated the opportunities she and the class of 2020 took advantage of including internships and free college credit.


Evan Huemmer, an Allied Health and Nursing senior from Mechanicsburg High School, and Chloe Peters, an Animal Science senior from Bellefontaine High School, were honored as the Top Senior Students of the Year.


Ohio Hi-Point’s Top 15 Seniors for the Class of 2020 were: Dharma Baker (Allied Health and Nursing)

Adrian Blanken (Cosmetology), Xienna Café (Welding and Fabrication), Mason Dellinger (Smart Technology Engineering), Summer Dow (Animal Science), Andrea Eckstein (Cosmetology), Rylee Halterman (Structural Construction), Jacob Hill (Graphic Design & Printing), Landon Jacobs (Multimedia Marketing), Na Lin (Allied Health and Nursing), Jewelyanna Livingston (Allied Health and Nursing), Ladson Mathews (Diesel Technology), Caden Paavola (Smart Technology Engineering), Rebecca Wampler (Culinary Arts), and Scott Wilkinson (Multimedia Marketing).


Lou Vito, president of WPKO/WBLL in Bellefontaine, announced the names of the 189 convocating seniors.


Ohio Hi-Point’s Class of 2020:

Gage Adkins, Austin Alexander, Lauren Allen, Madelynn Allen, Gavin Amspaugh, Alyssa Anderson, Cassie Ann Anderson, Treg Armstrong, Benjamin Atkinson, Deven Auske, James Austin, Steven Baer, Abigail Bailey, Dharma Baker, Angel Banning, Draven Barger, Kaylene Baschnagel, Adrian Blanken, Emily Boedicker, Madison Boggs, Steven Boring, Kylie Bowersmith, Kyle Bradley, Isaiah Brooks, David Bruce, Hannah Burnside, Kristyn Bushong, Xienna Café, Samuel Carter, Tyler Charles, Matthew Childs, Dalton Combs, Hayden Conley, Colby Cook, Kady Cook, Naomi Cook, Lily Cooksey, Jonathon Coulter, Ryan Craig, Mason Crites, Donna Cupps, Derrik Daniels, Mathew Daniels, Wyatt Decker, Erick Deere, Mason Dellinger, Aaryonna Dick, Daniel Dinovo, Austin Dixon, Summer Dow, Molly Downey, Chapman Driskill, Erin Dyer, Nicholas Eckart, Joseph Eckhoff, Andrea Eckstein, Dominic Ervin, Aleigh Fissel, Emily Folk, Wesley Foor, Chandler Fosson, Cyan Fout, Alexis Garver, Trent Gaus, Nicholas Godwin, Jasmine Gordon, Chance Griffin, Hannah Grissom, Ashlyn Hall, Rylee Halterman, Abbigail Hamilton, Joseph Hastings, Blake Hatzer, Hannah Hendrickson, Colin Henry, Brayden Hill, Jacob Hill, Evinn Holycross, Andrea Hudson, Evan Huemmer, Trenton Huemmer, Simon Hughes, Payton Hunt, Jaylen Huston, Aaron Hysell Castle, Denver Jackson, Landon Jacobs, John James, Arlissa Johnson, Keondre Johnson, Sydney Johnson, Elizabeth Kerns, Madison Kiefer, Mckenzie King, Logen Kissling Dennis, Michael Krieger, Charles Kuch, Hanna Lawrence, James Lee, Zachary Lewis, Na Lin, Jewelyanna Livingston, Brennon Lloyd, Tryston Lloyd, Hanna Logsdon, Jazlyn Logsdon, Hunter Long, Wyatt Long, Hannah Louck, Jeannette Marbaugh, Ladson Mathews, Colton Mays, Madison McAlexander, Austin McCoy, Jason McCullough, Derek McKinnon, Donna Merritt, Lily Miele, Dolan Miller, Kaylee Miller, Dakota Minnich, Hailey Moore, Faith Moyer, Shelby Mullins, Zachary Mullins, Scott Newland, Leanna Oliver, Bradley Osborn, Caden Paavola, Jeffrey Parkins, Victoria Parthemore, Krish Patel, Tory Pawelko, William Pepple, Chloe Peters, Sarah Pitzer, Skylah Plank, Jasmine Powell, Ethan Price, Ashley Pummell, Cody Purtee, Joel Reyes-Marin, Gabriel Richardson, Johnathan Riley, Alaina Robb, Octavia Robertson, Jay Robinson, Mary Rose, Ian Salyer, Nathaniel Schmid, Zoie Schoby, Matthew Schuster, Brandon Segovia, Michaela Shaw, Gaige Sheeley, Trenton Shelton-Harris, Julie-Ann Shirk, Melanie Shisler, Raven Slone, Jessica Slusher, Skyler Slusher, Alicia Smith, Mercedes Smith, Montgomery Smith, Summer Smith, Tariq Sopher, Cade Stachler, Jensen Stahler, Andrew Steele, Mason Stevenson, Stacy Stinemetz, John Summers, Sierra Swan, Kyleigh Swank, Jacob Swiger, Trell Tschudi-Caryl, Andrew VanHoose, Cameron Walrod, Rebecca Wampler, Ashley Welsh, Amber Wenger, Ashley Werling, Dustin Wilkes, Scott Wilkinson, Samantha Withers-Harmon, Elizabeth Wohlgamuth, Desmond Woods, Zackary Woolley, Justice Wyatt, Deklan Zeigler


Ohio Hi-Point’s virtual Convocation Ceremony can be found at Facebook.com/ohiohipointcc and YouTube.com/c/OhioHiPointCareerCenter.

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