ONU Healthwise Clinic Visiting Ada Schools for Immunizations

Posted on July 20, 2020

The Ada School District announced that ONU Healthwise has partnered with the Kenton-Hardin County Health Department to bring a mobile clinic to the school. 


The ONU mobile clinic will be at the Ada Schools to administer the appropriate vaccines to students with private or Ohio government insurance coverage for vaccines. 


The scheduled clinic date will be Tuesday, August 11, 2020 from 2-4 pm. 


Completed forms are due one week in advance. 


The clinic will be held in the north parking lot at the school.


For Immunization information, click here: https://www.adabulldogs.org/docs/district/2020-21/immunizations/immunization_athletic%20physical%20mandates%20fall%202020.pdf?id=161

For the KHHD Immunization Letter, click here: https://www.adabulldogs.org/docs/district/2020-21/immunizations/khhd%20immunizations%20letter.pdf?id=162

For the TDAP Consent and VAR, click here: https://www.adabulldogs.org/docs/district/2020-21/immunizations/tdap%20consent%20and%20var.doc?id=163

For Meningococcal Consent and VAR, click here: https://www.adabulldogs.org/docs/district/2020-21/immunizations/meningococcal%20consent%20form%20and%20var.doc?id=164

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