Phase 1 Construction in Kenton Moves Back to Detroit Street

Posted on July 7, 2020


Phase I construction of the Downtown Revitalization Project in Kenton moved back to Detroit Street last week.  


Remaining items are the completion of the installation of curbing and gutters.  


Once complete, Detroit will be milled down and new asphalt installed.  


This is scheduled for the week of July 13th.    


The city is predicting that Detroit Street will be open back up for traffic the week of July 20th.    


Also, work is beginning on the installation of a new water trunk line coming out of the water treatment plant.  


The line will split and go south to Espy Street and go east to Main.   


Driven Excavating was awarded the bid for that construction.  


The city also announced that patching of alleys has moved to the 3rd ward.  


City crews will be in the third ward for the month of July and then move to the 1st ward the month of August.

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