The Kenton City Council Held a Meeting on Monday Night

Written by on October 14, 2019

During new business an ordinance was brought up that allowed for $1,755 for new police equipment and $20,000 for City Hall labor relations as well as $7,000 for street maintenance of equipment. It was later stated that the City Hall labor relations had been resolved so the ordinance was amended allowing for an extra $5,000 to the new police equipment making the total $6,755 and $0 for the city hall labor relations. The ordinance then had the three reading rule suspended and was passed.


Next in new business, an ordinance was proposed that allowed the Mayor or Safety Service Director to enter into agreements with OHM advisors for planning and funding assistance for phase two of the downtown revitalization project. It was mentioned that the longer this ordinance was delayed the harder it would be to secure funding. The ordinance then had the three reading rule suspended and it was passed. 


The meeting then moved to comments. Kenton Police Chief Musser thanked the council for the speedy approval of the funds for Police equipment and then told the council that after 15 years LouAnn Seiler a loyal dispatcher would be leaving the Police Department. He then presented her with a gift and she stated it had been an honor working for the Police Department. Additionally Chief Musser then introduced Haleigh Mouk and sad she would be filling LouAnn’s position. 


The next meeting of the Grove Cemetery committee has been moved to November 6th at 5:30pm and the next meeting of the Financial committee is October 28th at 5:30pm 


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be on October 28th at 7pm. 

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