UF Students Urged to Recycle as Move Out Day Approaches

Written by on April 29, 2019

The frying pan that never got used. That can of ravioli that didn’t get opened. The perfectly good jacket that didn’t get worn.

Spring typically means finals week and commencement celebrations at colleges across the country. It also means that several tons of recyclable waste, like the items mentioned above, will go into landfills as students leave for the summer.

This year, the University of Findlay – represented by Findlay Green Campus Initiative (FGCI), Campus Ministry, Campus Housing, Facilities, and the Buford Center for Diversity and Service – is making a more concerted effort to save salvageable items with a pitch to students aimed at helping others. The plan has been named Move Out, Pitch In.

Three totes will be located in each of the University’s eight dormitories to collect used clothing, houseware items in good condition, and nonperishable food. The donations will be given to UF students in need, and to community organizations such as the Salvation Army and City Mission.

Amy DePuy, assistant director of communication at UF and co-chair of FGCI, explained there have been past efforts at saving re-usable items from the dumpsters, but they’ve been independent of each other, and sporadic. “This year we wanted to make it more of a joint effort” focused on collective environmental sustainability and community assistance, she said.

“We want to make a point to ask, ‘How can we help students, how can we help the local community, and how can we be more conscious of our waste by saving perfectly good things from going into the trash?’ By doing this, we can help the students and the community at the same time,” DePuy pointed out.

The last day of final exams for the standard semester spring semester is May 2.

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