Adults Delaying Medical Care to Avoid COVID-19 Deemed Dangerous and Unnecessary

Written on April 14, 2021

KENTON, OHIO – More than 40 percent of American adults have avoided or delayed receiving medical care because of concerns about COVID-19, and people with multiple underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes or hypertension, are significantly more likely to avoid urgent or emergency care compared to people without these conditions. This included 12 percent of adults who chose not to seek or avoided getting urgent or emergency care.

Delaying or avoiding necessary medical care has been associated with a host of negative health outcomes.

“We are realizing across the country that many people have neglected their health in the last year due to COVID-19 protocols. The fear of going out to a medical center or hospital has been a real issue for some,” said Dr. Jeffrey Neuhauser, OhioHealth Physician Group – Kenton office. “As a family medicine physician, I’ve seen the negative effects associated with avoidance of routine care. Over time, patients miss screenings, ignore signs of healthcare issues and even struggle with management of chronic conditions, which could worsen long-term outcomes.”

“Regular screenings along with things like blood pressure checks and quick action when something is off are key to maintaining health and improving outcomes,” he added.

Joy Bischoff, Chief Nursing Officer of Hardin Memorial Hospital assures that EVERY precaution is being taken with patients and visitors entering our facilities every day. “We screen everyone who comes through our doors, we provide masks, our staff still wears masks, COVID patients are isolated and we have a strict sanitation policy across the board. I assure you that the chance of acquiring COVID-19 in the hospital, a physician practice, or outpatient facility is very low, and not worth the risk of ignoring serious health issues or missing critical screenings,” she added.

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